Josh Matlow lives in Midtown with his wife Melissa and daughter Molly. As our City Councillor, Josh has worked tirelessly and skillfully to deliver results. He is running for re-election and needs your support.

Josh has followed through on his commitment to improve, beautify, and expand our green space, parks, schools, playgrounds and streetscapes and has worked closely with neighbourhood residents to foster a strong sense of community. He's initiated the creation of the Davisville Community and Aquatic Centre, new affordable childcare spaces and seniors programs, the construction of new playgrounds and the rejuvenation of existing parks across Toronto- St. Paul's. He’s supported new farmers markets, local BIAs, and small businesses, and he advocates every day to make our neighbourhood streets safer.

During the pandemic, Josh advocated for hard-hit small businesses, organized local vaccination clinics, and even worked with healthcare workers to visit homebound residents in our community to ensure they had access to vaccines and care.

On Council, Josh has taken a leadership role as a voice of reason on the issues that matter most to residents in Midtown and across Toronto – knowing that thoughtful, creative and evidence-based decisions deliver real results.

Josh has gained new protections for tenants by initiating the RentSafe program and continues to advocate to make the program stronger. He advocates for real affordable housing in the city and fights against unfair Above Guideline Rent Increases to help keep tenants in their homes.

Josh has taken a comprehensive approach to fighting gridlock by advocating for traffic light synchronization, clearing clogged traffic lanes and improving transit while fostering opportunities for safe active transportation and navigable streets.

He has spearheaded strategies to support our city’s vulnerable youth by opening dozens of youth spaces across the city, initiated the Toronto Seniors’ Strategy to create an Age-Friendly City, worked closely with the community to support Little Jamaica, and successfully fought for an emotion-centred approach to Toronto’s long-term care homes. Josh champions heritage preservation and continues to fight for the creation of a City of Toronto Museum. He has also led the fight for rail safety along the CP line and challenged city hall to improve public realm initiatives, social services, and infrastructure in neighbourhoods.

Josh has taken a leadership role in the fight for a Toronto that’s more affordable, inclusive and supports a great quality of life for all of its residents. Election day is October 24, 2022. Let’s return our community advocate to City Hall!

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