Save the Park at 60 Balliol

Our local green space is under threat. 

While Balliol Parkette has functioned like a park for 50 years, the site on the north side of Balliol, just east of Yonge Street, is privately owned. Unfortunately, an application by the owners of 33 Davisville to develop the green space at their 60 Balliol property was recently submitted.

While we all recognize that Toronto needs additional affordable homes to help address the housing crisis, Davisville Village is already a very densely populated  neighbourhood. 

Working together, we have made significant progress to help address the shortage of social infrastructure in our community in recent years. Our motions at council have led to a new Davisville Aquatic & Community Centre that will be constructed next year, we protected services for Seniors at 140 Merton, secured agreements to retain local grocery stores and we successfully negotiated a new park - at Pailton, further east on Balliol. 

However, in the coming years we will need more affordable childcare, grocery stores school capacity, and green space. We continue fighting for these priorities. But losing Balliol Parkette would be a huge step backwards. 

I have asked City legal and Planning Staff to actively investigate whether Balliol Parkette, like many other “tower-in-the-park” sites from the ‘60s and ‘70s, was originally secured as green space at 60 Balliol as a “density-bonus” when 33 Davisville was originally built. 

Parks are important to our community’s basic quality of life- and even more so in neighbourhoods where most people don’t have backyards.

Rules allowing development in Davisville Village have been strengthened in recent years at Queen’s Park by the Doug Ford government. However, as your local councillor, I will explore every possible option to protect our green space. I will need your help.

Together, we need to ensure that City Staff recommend this proposal be refused. Even if the application ultimately decided by the provincial “Ontario Land Tribunal”, a refusal at the City level will be critical.

Please make your voice heard by signing our petition here and emailing City Planning at [email protected]

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