Build the Green Line Linear Park

Build the Green Line


Over the next 4 years, Josh will work to…


Complete as much of the Green Line trail and park network as possible along the Davenport Hydro Corridor between Earlscourt Park and Poplar Plans Rd.




 Parks People and City of Toronto Parks and Recreation Staff have been working since 2012 to transform the under-utilized hydro corridor running along the southern boundary of our community. As seen in the map below, the plan envisions creating parks and revitalizing Hydro One properties to create new green space, meeting areas, trails, bike paths, community gardens, and more.


City Staff have provided detailed renderings of what specific parts of the new Green Line could look like if we move forward with implementing the project. Below is a look at the potential for transformation between Christie and Bathurst.





Further east, here is a depiction of a potential new green space at Davenport and Macpherson.

Unfortunately, these plans remain unfunded. I will work to dedicate existing City resources, Section 37 funds from developments, and new supports to complete as much of the Green Line as possible over the next four years.

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