Let's Take Back Our Streets from Developers

Josh will continue advocating to:

Limit developers from occupying our sidewalks and traffic lanes

Allowing developers to block lanes of traffic for construction negatively impacts all road users. This usage of our streets causes bottlenecks, backing up traffic several blocks on major arterial roads, and can lead to inconvenient and, in some cases, unsafe conditions for pedestrians and cyclists.

At present, there is little incentive for developers to keep their construction staging area on their own property rather than impose on public space. Development applications are allowed to be submitted and approved without any thought to how the building will be constructed. 

The current cost is not a barrier for developers. The applicant must pay a fee upfront and then a very minimal monthly fee thereafter. Based on earlier efforts, the City increased costs to developers but it was not effective as the fee is still too low to change their behaviour. 

To limit the number of condo construction sites using lanes of traffic and the length of time developers are blocking lanes, I propose to:

• Require developers to submit a Construction Management Plan detailing how they are going to build, including space requirements, as part of the initial development application process
• Increase the initial upfront fee to developers for occupying the public right-of-way
• Charge developers escalating monthly fees for occupying the public right-of-way


Our goal should be to eliminate the practice of using lanes for construction altogether. However, these interim measures should be implemented immediately to open sidewalks and traffic lanes as quickly as possible.

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