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After School Youth Programs


Over the next four years Josh will work with residents to…


Ensure that all youth in Toronto have access to a safe, supervised, and enriching space for at least 4 hours after school without user fees.


The City currently has 21 existing youth spaces (in grey) that provide a comfortable environment for activities, homework help, and access to trained youth outreach workers. But, as the map below demonstrates, there are many gaps across the city creating unequal access to these programs.



By adding an additional 20 programs (shown below in yellow) in existing community centres (Enhanced Youth Space based on the St. Stephen's Model) or at a Library branch (Youth Hub), almost every child will be within a 2km (roughly 24 minute) walk to a publicly run program.


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To provide every youth with after school programming will require $3.1 million in programming costs without any additional capital costs. This cost can be almost offset by eliminating the dubious and unproven, ShotSpotter and CCTV technologies ($2.6 million, see #18 & #19 in this link).

Background Information


Youth Spaces are:


Enhanced Youth Spaces (City Community Centres):  


Supervised spaces that are open to youth 5-6 days a week. There are currently 10 in operation. These spaces have stuff like WiFi, TV, gaming consoles, foosball tables, pool tables, computers, recording studios, photography labs, and study spaces. Free programs include photography, barbering and hairstyling, yoga, DJing, and music recording.


Youth Hubs (Toronto Public Library):   


Safe space in the library for all youth, ages 13-19. There are currently 11 in operation. Youth can spend time doing homework with tutors, hanging out, playing board or video games, and participating in events, programs and workshops. Many of the activities make use of the technology that the Youth Hub owns, including laptops, digital cameras, DJ equipment, and Virtual Reality (VR) headsets. Activities include: Gaming, Homework Help, Employment resources, De-stressing activities, and special workshops such as financial literacy, poetry, writing, video editing, health and wellness, and dance.


Cost Breakdown


  • Library youth hub is $130,000 per location which includes $105,000 for a staff person plus $25,000 supplies
  • Enhanced youth space costs $179,000 per location
  • Avg of library youth hub and enhanced youth spece = $155,000
  • 20 spaces * $155,000 =
  • Total cost to provide after 4 programming to almost every youth in Toronto = $3.1M




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