Supporting Tenants

Josh stands up to unfair landlords in our neighbourhood to get repairs done, reduce Above the Guideline rent increases, and turn on the heat, while also addressing big picture policy issues that affect renters across Toronto. 

Tenants need Josh Matlow standing up for us in our community and at City Hall

Josh Matlow is Delivering Results for Tenants

✓ Chair of Council's Tenant Issues Committee                                                   
✓ Imposed tougher regulations on landlords by starting RentSafe program to ensure tenants will have safer, cleaner, and healthier homes 
✓ Fighting the province and landlords to eliminate unfair Above the Guideline Rent Increases 
✓ Restored funding to the Tenants' Defence Fund
✓ Moved successful motion to extend rent control for all tenants 

Over the next 4 years, Josh Matlow will work with tenants to advocate for…

➢ Lower rents through harmonizing the unfair property taxes on apartment buildings
➢ More affordable rental housing through unlocking city-owned land
➢ Elimination of Above the Guideline Rent Increases
➢ Rentsafe rating program for buildings, modeled on the Dinesafe program for restaurants, requiring landlords to post a colour-coded sign with the City’s rating to ensure landlords are more responsive to repairs and pests
➢ Maximum temperature for apartment units
➢ Increased access to the Tenants' Defence Fund to fight bad landlords 

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Address: 711 Merton St, Toronto, ON, M4S 1B4