Thank you!

Dear residents,

Thank you so much for your vote of confidence on Monday night! I am deeply grateful to be elected to serve you as your City Councillor for Toronto-St. Paul’s (Ward 12). I love our community and am proud of the grassroots campaign we ran with the hard work and support of local residents.

I want to begin by expressing my gratitude to Joe Mihevc. He and I never would’ve wanted to end up running as opponents- I care about him and respect the work he’s done. Joe has been a steadfast defender of our city’s most vulnerable residents. His voice on Council will be missed but I’m certain he will continue to meaningfully contribute to our city, and our midtown community. 

City Council will be deciding on staff allowance, office structure, and governance changes in December. in order to effectively serve this new and much larger community. There are few details available at this point, but I anticipate being able to open and staff a constituency office in the new year. 

I also want to thank the Davisville residents who are now in Don Valley West. It was my heartfelt privilege to represent you and I look forward to seeing you in the community.

Toronto-St.Paul’s, on your behalf, I will offer an honest, thoughtful, facts-based and independent voice to City Council.

In our community, I’m excited to work closely with those of you I’ve served before, and the many residents who I will be representing for the first time. Residents of the old Wards 21 and 15 will still be represented by Councillors Joe Mihevc and Josh Colle until the end of this Council term

Over the past few days, my team and I have been working to remove all lawn signs throughout our Ward. If we happen to have missed yours, please email us and someone from my campaign will collect it as soon as possible. To those who were able to support my campaign through a financial contribution, rebates will be mailed to you in the coming months as per the City Clerks' process. Please be assured that my team and I will be monitoring this closely.

I look forward to continue supporting the quality of life in our community and advocate for the priorities that matter most to you and your neighbours.

With gratitude,


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